Welcome to Photoblawg

10 05 2008

A blawg, is a blog that deals with legal issues. b-law-g — get it ? ;O)

A photo is… light captured in a fixed medium (let me know if you have a better definition).

I am a photographer who spends a lot of time and energy advocating for photographers and educating photographers through my role as the NPPA Advocacy Chairperson. This led to an interest in the law and my decision to enroll in law school. I just finished my first year in a four-year evening program at St. Mary’s University School of Law.

As I spend many hours reading countless cases critical to legal doctrine, I see many connections to photographers and the work we do every day. My goal with this blog is to share that information with my colleagues. So you get some of the benefit, without having to pay the tuition! (sorry, reading this blog won’t allow you to sit for the bar, though).

I decided that it might be valuable to share this as I learn it. So keep in mind that while based on facts, the purpose of this blog is to share insights and be a resource. It is not intended as legal advice. Those who need legal advice should seek a lawyer, not a law student, and have no business relying on blogs for legal advice anyway.

I will soon post a list of lawyers I know with expertise in photography and journalism.

My photo website is at www.aliciaphoto.com




One response

12 07 2008

hi there
are you aware that your snap shot with ads, pop up when one passes ones’ curser over your text?
they can be runed off!
theme/design extras
i nearly died when i found this was happening on others pc’s!
you might love them
apologies if that’s the case!
pls don’t feel you need to publish this
but if you do pls will you correct any spelling erroros!
i’m dislecxic one of my many atributes………

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