NYPD strikes again

13 06 2008

This time a commercial photographer was forced to give up his film when a hysterical and misinformed mother claimed that he had taken a picture of her kid (which is perfectly legal). But the cops threatened the photographer with things “getting worse” for him, whatever that means. So he complied. He filed a complaint.

News photographers know that it is perfectly legal to take pictures in public. Yes, even if someone child is in the background. Sorry paranoid moms everywhere.

Photographers cannot use a photo for commercial purposes without permission. And I for one usually ask parental permission because I worry about children who might be in a foster care program or have other reasons to not want to be published. But the photography itself is allowed.

NYPD is notorious for harassing photographers who are minding their own business. And the city itself has tried to implement numerous photography bans in public. We have successfully fought each attempt.




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