20 08 2008

I’m back in the US, after six weeks abroad. I have so much to report from my trip.

Coming Soon: Orphan Works, Issues in Art Law, The US Supreme Court, International Copyright Issues and other Intellectual Property stories relating to trademark, geographic indicators and patent and trade secrets.

Also, this fall I am taking Constitutional Law (starting Monday) so look out for lots of First Amendment discussion. I’ll be taking a course focused on copyright in the Spring so look out for even more copyright issues then.

I will continue to blog about current issues and other little nuggets that I find as much as I can as well.

This summer confirmed my belief that “law is phun.” Had I never gone to law school, I would have waited a few more years before I found an excuse to go to Europe for six weeks.

But since you can’t buy Dr. Pepper or decent Mexican food there, it’s good to be back.




2 responses

20 08 2008
Angela Grant

Welcome back!

10 09 2008
Mary Neal

Alicia! A) Who is your Con Law professor this semester? Any good? B) I’m taking Advanced Con Law: Free Speech this semester. Pretty awesome thus far. And definitely right up my alley. Now I know there is someone else at St Mary’s as obsessed with the First Amendment as I. I’m tired of getting funny looks…

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