Free stuff on Tuesday!

3 11 2008

Vote on Tuesday and you can get the following free stuff (I am mapping out my day already):

Free Coffee from Starbucks

Free Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme

Free Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry’s

Free Press from a government that knows that you put them in office and you can take them out of office.

Free Education, which is better if you hold your school board accountable.

Dare I hope…. Free universal health care?

According to USA Today, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, I am wondering, if starbucks is giving away coffee, does this mean that they are socialists, redistributing the bean-wealth?

Just to be safe, I am voting for wildfire!

All I know is that I voted early, but I saved my sticker! I plan to cash in on all that my capit-ocialist democracy has to offer.




One response

3 11 2008
Alicia Wagner Calzada

Rumor is Chick-fil-a is giving away free chicken. Yuck. But if you are into it, that’s the rumor.

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