Election not the only Drama for the media today!

4 11 2008

More tidbits on the FCC v. Fox case being heard before the Supreme Court of the United States today.

– Thanks to a tip from Professor Piatt, my Constitutional Law prof, who tells me that “the words” will be used in oral argument of the case today.

– I found more details on that here. According to an article by the First Amendment Center, the attorney for Fox “ uses the word “fuck” 30 times, and “shit” 23 times,” in his brief to the court, and says he fully intends to use them in oral argument, unless instructed otherwise.

– I also found an audio tape in the oral arguments for the Pacifica case.

– Thanks to the cool graphic on oyez.org, you can see that Justice Stevens, who is still on the court today, wrote the majority opinion for Pacifica. We’ll see if he changes his mind, when the ruling comes out, hopefully long after the results of the other drama of today, the presidential elections.




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