Post-election fun

5 11 2008

Well, the election was certainly a historic moment, and a sea change in American politics, and possibly a glimpse into the future of our country (no pressure, eh).

As a journalist, elections for me are like watching the Superbowl (with longer bathroom breaks). And almost as much fun as the election itself are the after election issues and phenomena. A couple of day after notes about this one.

  • A really fun thing to do on a historical day is to look at how different newspapers covered it by comparing front pages. You can do that for any given day at the newseum website. Just at first glance, California seems to have a lot of interesting pages: Bakersfield Californian, San Jose Mercury News, The Record Searchlight (which put their masthead below the photo), The Press-Democrat, just to name a few. I like the Omaha World-Herald as well. Chicago papers also were spectacular. Tell me your favorites by leaving a comment.
  • Convicted Senator Ted Stevens, of Alaska looks like he is winning, and won’t voluntarily step down. If Stevens has to be ousted by his fellow senators, it could be dramatic. Finally, if he wins, and his position is later vacant, there is speculation that Sarah Palin will go for the seat. Also dramatic.
  • Now that Sen. Joe Liberman, a democrat-turned-independent senator from my home state of Connecticut, is no longer the man who tips the senate in the democrats favor, his rift with the party will get wider. He actively campaigned for McCain, and the democrats no longer need his support to get a majority vote (which they weren’t getting from him on some issues anyway). It remains to be seen if this incredibly influential politician who was a vice presidential candidate on the Gore ticket, will fizzle.



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