Deconstructing a Bad Contract

7 11 2008

After taking two semester of Contract Law in law school, I feel much more confident negotiating contracts with publishers and other clients. But perhaps you don’t have that kind of time.

Luckily for you, ASMP has a great new feature it just added. It is basically a look at a really bad contract, an explanation of what the legalese really means, and suggestions for alternatives.


Be sure to wave your cursor over the highlighted areas, to take advantage of the pop-ups.

Some confusing terms that are explained: royalty-free, in perpetuity, sublicensable, pre-agreement, exclusivity, liability, indemnification, embargo.

This is a great educational tool for photographers. I highly recommend taking a look at it.

Learning what these clauses means helps you to recognize them and make good decisions about whether you can live with them. Furthermore, having alternative suggestions for your clients eases the negotiation process.

Just don’t get too depressed. ;o)




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