State Legislators in CT get involved in trying to save local newspapers

26 11 2008

I have quietly joked to myself that newspapers should be getting some of this bailout money. But of course it would not be a great idea to get the government involved in the management of newspapers. Apparently not everyone thinks so.,0,5924974.story

In general I think it is healthier for newspapers to find a way to survive than to be under the thumb of government. But it is also critically important to a local community to have local news. It will be interesting to see how this develops and how the journalism industry responds to this.




One response

1 01 2009

I am vacationing about five miles from Bristol, CT right now, and blogged a bit about the Bristol Press story

It’s funny, because all the towns up here are close together; Waterbury CT (pop 100,000) is less than five miles away from Bristol, and Hartford is less than ten miles, so bristol is well-served by several local newspapers; it is utterly pointless to burn taxpayer money keeping a struggling daily open. . .

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