How to be a safe and lawful Bluebonnet-er

28 03 2010

Shooting bluebonnets is one of the classic spring pastimes for photographers in Texas. For those of us who don’t shoot flowers for a living (and who does, really) it is a great way to rediscover the joy of just taking pictures for an afternoon.

But as with all things, it is important to keep it safe. I was happy to find this article (thanks to Helen Montoya Henrichs) that clarifies a few things- namely, that it is not illegal to pick the bluebonnets (but it is totally uncool to drive your car over them). Oh, yeah, and, no trespassing.


Constitutionality of Strip Club “Pole Tax”

26 03 2010

If you are a First Amendment fan, you might enjoy watching the oral arguments from a case heard by the Supreme Court of Texas. They are available via video feed here.

The issue: is the imposition of a tax on strip clubs (specifically a $5 tax for each person at a nude dancing club where alcohol is served), a violation of the First Amendment rights of the clubs?

There is also an article on the case here.

Why is this a First Amendment and issue for strip clubs? Because of the dancing.

Photographers Respond to British Orphan Works bill

11 03 2010

There has been some gnashing of the teeth regarding the proposed Digital Economy Bill which is being proposed in the United Kingdom. A British photography group has responded and recently posted their briefing paper. This is a great argument for the problems with an orphan works bill.

My understanding from congress is that there is no Orphan Works proposal at this time, but I have a feeling that it will be dropped on us with little warning when it is introduced, so it is great to have these arguments sorted out. The British comments are well thought out and useful for any OW debate.

Find them here:

Thanks to those in GB who are fighting for rights that photographers throughout the globe value.