SEC credential restrictions improved

27 08 2009

The SEC has once again changed its credentialing policies for this season. This time it appears to be a much better change. According to the SEC, the new policy has “additional flexibility in internet news coverage, uses of photographic images, access to video images for television newscasts and special shows and clarification in the provisions of blogging”

The new policy can be found at this link:

There is also a good article on editor and publisher website, clarifying the restrictions that were lifted:

Finally, it is worth reading this general article by the Associated Press Sports Editors group: “Here’s what you need to know about credential issues

Also worth reading for freelance photographers is this post by John Harrington about the lesson that photographers can learn from the AP, who refused to give up its rights. The irony is painful. And yes, the rights are clearly valuable.


Coaliation against Google Books settlement.

27 08 2009

Thanks Robert House for this link to an article about the growing coalition arguing against the Google Books settlement.

Cameras going into Rochester court

20 08 2009

Although cameras in the court has been an ongoing battle in New York state, there has been at least one local victory recently in Rochester. Read the story here. Go Rochester. And thanks for the tip Max.

To read more on the history of cameras in the court and New York State, read this 2005 story by Mickey Osterreicher, the NPPA attorney: