A blawg, is a blog that deals with legal issues. b-law-g — get it ? ;O)

A photo is… light captured in a fixed medium (let me know if you have a better definition).

photo by Billy Calzada (yes, we\'re related)

I am a photographer and attorney who spends a lot of time and energy advocating for photographers and educating photographers through my role as an attorney for the National Press Photographers Association and as the NPPA Advocacy Chairperson. .

As I spend many hours reading countless cases critical to legal doctrine, I see many connections to photographers and the work we do every day. My goal with this blog is to share that information with my colleagues. So you get some of the benefit my law school learning with the tuition.

I decided that it might be valuable to share this as I learn it. So keep in mind that while based on facts, the purpose of this blog is to share insights and be a resource. It is not intended as legal advice. Those who need legal advice should seek a lawyer in your state, and should not be relying on blogs as a substitute for legal advice.

My photo website is at www.aliciaphoto.com


3 responses

12 07 2008

thrilled to find your blog
thrilled that yr studying law
the more women we have out there in the major professions the better!
i was looking for another lawyer who i copied her blurb on the legalityies of what we say in our comments and if we as the blogger are liable for what they say
it’s scary!
any way i want to find her blog so i can copy the url to credit her for it being her work!
if you know of her [wordpress] blogg please will you email it to me or drop it off on my about page!
thanx and goooood luck with your future projects and work
will bookmark you to visit and look at all yr wonderful content
right now i’m not in the mood to read
i want to look at images!
need to give my brain a little rest

2 09 2008

Ms Calzada,
Keep up the good word. You are doing a wonderful service.

20 08 2009
Max Schulte

Just wanted to give you the heads up we are making progress in WNY.


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